Yoga Videos

For convenience my videos are for online streaming.
We are moved all videos from Youtube to Vimeo Follow the link:

Yoga Video 10

38 minute class on Nokomis Beach
on a beautiful Day join Katja for a routine of stretching, balance and relaxation.

Yoga Video 8

40 minute Yoga for beginners and intermediate. Stretching and breathing and core. Find yourself in Katja’s Florida Lanai for this 40 minute online yoga class.

$3 for personal use

Yoga Video 7

3o minute class that focuses on moving and gently working the center of the body, for detox.
Join Katja for this less than 30 minute yoga class to make you feel better! No previous experience required

$3.50 for personal use

Yoga Video 6
35 Minute Beginners and Intermediate Yoga including tree pose, spinal twists and lots of stretching. Woodpecker and airplane sounds included.

$3.99 for personal use

Yoga Video 5
30 minute gentle yoga. This is a stretching class for everybody. It will make you feel better. It is easy to follow. There is a warning. This specific class in the lanai ended up to be quite noisy with airplanes and other “natural” noises. It is a beautiful morning in Venice Fl. At the end of class during relaxation you will be rewarded with beautiful bird sounds.

for personal use

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